a winner, in every way.

So, I won these sunglasses online right. And last year I won this Steri-Stumpie hamper online too. And these – are the ONLY things I have EVER won in my entire life.

I dont win things.

I’m not lucky.

But then again, my new theory is, there really is no such thing as luck.

We get what we deserve.

I DESERVE these sunglasses.

I deserved that Steri-Stumpie hamper.

Is it luck, co-incidence?

Or, did I win those two things because of the effort I put in? I think so!

If you see below, I put EFFORT into my entries. I sacrifice my reputation peopleS!

just. as. disturbing.


Thanks to @CapeTown_Girl and Sun Glass Hut for the sunglasses and to Chris Rawlinson for the Ster-Stumpie hamper – slightly delayed that one;)

The result? : A seriously sexy pair of new Ferragamo's. Yes pahlease.

Makes up for all the humiliation, really.



Goodbye, old friend.

thanks for all the good times. the foam. the smiles. the music and of course, the free chocolate.

Today, I surrender. I cannot go on drinking this shit coffee anymore.

I love the brand.

I LOVE the brand.

But, the truth is, lately its been making me feel sick. SICK. Nauseous. And I’ve been going back anyway, because its part of my daily routine.

Insane isn’t it?

To be spending that amount of money a month on coffee – I need to be enjoying the coffee.

I am now on a journey to find my new coffee.

If only there was a C’est La Vie in town.


Nothing Left For Me To Say But Goodbye.

p.s – any coffee suggestions welcome…

awards. marathons. celebrations all round really.

The past two weeks have been enriched with celebrations I tell you, enriched!

My birthday kicked things off. Wonderful gifts from wonderful friends.

Some examples being:

New birthday hair – which was also worth celebrating.

A party – at which I took no photographs – as I had absolutely no time for anything else other than letting people in, and letting people out. That was my entire evening, really.

Following my birthday was my  attendance of the PRISA PRISM Awards in JHB – the Public Relations industry’s own ‘Loeries’.

I had to go up on stage four times to receive awards on behalf of my agency. What an honour! And to top it off – Goodbye Citi – my baby – won 2010 campaign on the year and a Gold in the social media category.

What an unbelievable experience. What an amazing night. Such a blur.  It’s a wonderful feeling being recognised for something I was/still am so passionate about. Being part of it was enough – but winning awards – so unnecessary!  But undeniably RAD?!?!

Lets have a look here and remember the greatness:

I have no doubt this campaign will pick up more awards as 2010 rolls on. PR was only one part of the greatness. There is so much more greatness to be recognised.

And to bring me to the big finale which was celebrated this easter weekend … daa daaaaaam

i ran. i ran and i ran and i ran. a whole 21km's. The Two Oceans half marathon peopleS.

And I will keep boasting. Until I run my next one.

So, that is that.

Lots to celebrate.

And most of all – to be grateful for.

So thanks.