Visited FieldOffice today. Rad coffee/lunch joint in Barrack street. Its filled with furniture designed and created by

They rock – not only because their furniture is “accessible, functional and beautiful”,

but also, because Luke Pedersen, wants to help Percy Bartley House out with some new tables and benches for their living room which is currently looking very depressing as demonstrated below:

Saw all this hype online about Field Office and stuff, so went on adventure with colleagues, @fightycat and @katedesmarais.

You should do it too.

Enjoyed  a lovely break from agency crazies.

Although had my third coffee for the day and spun around the place taking lots of photos. like a crazy.

Oh well, it makes for prettiness on my blog so here we go:

our chairs. i mean - wow.

light - made out of buckets. classy buckets. and look at those cups. its the small things.
The end.