I’ve been meaning to post about this app I’ve been using recently and am finally finding time to give it the attention it deserves.

I like taking photos, a lot. I like looking for beauty, and capturing it. I’m by no means a photographer. In fact, I’m very lazy, as the only camera I use theses day is my I phone 4. But how can I not, when there are so many photo apps out there with all these different tricks?  I am never bored on the train! For a long time, I was using instagram, and I still do every now and then, but I’m a bit bored of the filters now. I’m kinda over the fact that even if i took a photo of a big pooh, instagram would make it look awesome. The thing is with tadaa, the filters feel more genuine and I don’t feel like they completely transform the photo like the instagram filters do. It’s more subtle and each filter has a name, I like that too.  I dont feel like I’m cheating as much. And it takes a little more effort and skill to pick the filter and decide which one is best for what you’re capturing. Another bonus with tadaa is that you are given that option, to look through each filter before taking the photo, whereas with instagram, you cant. You have to take the picture first and then choose the filter – lame guys.

So, lets talk about tadaa. It’s a photo app, but also a social network, like instagram, but way cooler. The design is better, slick, and it feels more intimate. Created by this rad dude in Hamburg I have never met, but feel like I know, the app allows for users to like each others photos and if your photos get a heck load of likes, it makes it to the awesome tab. The more likes and followers you get the more points/money you make – not real money obviously, but still cool. What I like most about it? I don’t know anyone on it, and users are scattered all around the world. Most of the captions are written in foreign languages, when I have time, I end up Google translating, but most times I just make up my own story about the photo. I feel like i know these people!

Not many Brits using it yet to my knowledge. I have recruited my house mate, who is now addicted. You should try it, really. Follow me, amymaybe and see who I’m following. They’re all rad.


over the seas.

I leave for London on February 4th. Many people question why I am making this move. There has been criticism and judgement.  The great thing is i don’t need to justify myself or anything to anyone in this world because the only person’s opinion that matters in situations like these, is mine. Only I have to be happy, comfortable with my decisions. And usually, when people are judging, they are only trying to make themselves feel better about their own lives. Apparently attempting to put people down is how they try to achieve this but my theory is they are only left feeling even more empty and hopeless. Deep down.

So, i know its going to be cold. I know there is little sun. I know I will miss home. I know its going to be a struggle at times.

But i always have Cape. Town. I always have home. It will, a-l-w-a-y-s be here.

home. mine.

And experiences are priceless. I’m sure I will appreciate my home and my family and my life here so much more once I have left. But once I come home after years of experience abroad – meeting new people, learnings to things, overcoming challenges and visiting the most beautiful places in the world with the man i love – I will appreciate that too.

Nothing has felt more right.

And at times when I’m over there, it may feel really wrong. And I’m sure I will blog about that too. Thank goodness.  But isn’t that part if life? Or do we just remain comfortable. For.Ever. Thats my worst nightmare. Boredom. Complacency.

So, all the shit weather and shitness some of you are convinced I will encounter, aside… here are the things I look forward to, over the seas.

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  • Cooking dinner with my very special brother who i have not lived with since i was 14.
  • Shopping for  new winter boots.
  • Wearing new winter boots.
  • Visiting Vida in Regent St. Not for the coffee, for the familiarity.
  • Travelling to and from anywhere, on my own, using my own two feet, not 4 wheels.
  • Finding my new comfort foods. Here ,it’s ouma rusks and lindt. There, what will they be?
  • Seeing old friends.
  • Buying a beanie.
  • Buying a scarf.
  • Buying gloves.
  • Wearing my new beanie, scarf and gloves.
  • Hot coffee on a cold morning.
  • Running in the cold.
  • Discovering new places and things.
  • Travelling to Germany to visit my love.
  • Weekend in the South of France, Saint Tropez to be exact.
  • Even if its expensive, I will go to at least one show before I am broke.
  • Journal writing in coffee shops.
  • Blogging in coffee shops.
  • Fast internet.
  • New job.
  • New challenges.
  • Overcoming new challenges.


need i say more.

Feel free to add to this list. I would appreciate it if you did, actually.











moving into 2011.

December was a rough month for me, strange considering the fact that my long-distance boyfriend returned from Germany for the month to visit me. But alas, romantic reunions cannot counteract the movements of the planets in our solar system. I read my horoscope for December 2010 on astrologyzone.com ( i dont usually beliefe this shit, but seriously, do yourself a favour and go to this site. very accurate) anyway, and she warned me about December because Mercury would be in retrograde all month.

I didn’t believe her.  Seriously lady, don’t tell me Im going to have a shitty December when my brother is getting married, i am on holiday for a month and my boyfriend is coming to visit bringing his big cuddly body along with him, amongst other things. And Christmas – i suppose stopped being awesome when I got a job and had to start using my own money to buy presents.

Mercury aside, i survived, and there were obviously some very awesome moments.

Highlights being:

-Fetching my love from the airport.

-Days in rooiels with him swimming in the sea, lying in the sun, walking, reading, sleeping, trapping spiders, braai-ing and watching dexter, entourage and modern family when it was too windy to go outside.

-My brothers wedding.


-Sleeping in.

-Forest running.

-Lunch at Pomegranate in Stellenbosch with the geese. Amazing – highly recommended, best piece of Norwegian Salmon I have ever consumed, ever.

-Reunions with old friends who are scattered all over the world (which will soon be me! – yay 🙂 )

-Visits to the cinema to watch Megamind and Little Fockers.

Low-lights were:


-Having to shop in Cavendish for Christmas presents – so.help.me.god i will never do that again.

-Driving over 3000km’s to visit family and go to weddings. ie: a little too busy for my liking.

-Being man-down with tummy bug last three days of holiday in 38 degree heat.

-38 degree heat.

But all and all I think I managed to slap that retrograding mercury out of my orbit. Most of the time 😉

Happy new year folks.


Some images from the closing of my 2010.

mother and I dressed and ready for brother's wedding.























Marsh and Jo's wedding.























hottest couple there for sure. other than the bride and groom of course..























Friends lunch at Pomegranate.















Christmas gift from my love.























my bestest and I.













love. cousin. brother.


















Visited FieldOffice today. Rad coffee/lunch joint in Barrack street. Its filled with furniture designed and created by http://www.pedersenlennard.co.za/

They rock – not only because their furniture is “accessible, functional and beautiful”,

but also, because Luke Pedersen, wants to help Percy Bartley House out with some new tables and benches for their living room which is currently looking very depressing as demonstrated below:

Saw all this hype online about Field Office and stuff, so went on adventure with colleagues, @fightycat and @katedesmarais.

You should do it too.

Enjoyed  a lovely break from agency crazies.

Although had my third coffee for the day and spun around the place taking lots of photos. like a crazy.

Oh well, it makes for prettiness on my blog so here we go:

our chairs. i mean - wow.

light - made out of buckets. classy buckets. and look at those cups. its the small things.
The end.