Goodbye, old friend.

thanks for all the good times. the foam. the smiles. the music and of course, the free chocolate.

Today, I surrender. I cannot go on drinking this shit coffee anymore.

I love the brand.

I LOVE the brand.

But, the truth is, lately its been making me feel sick. SICK. Nauseous. And I’ve been going back anyway, because its part of my daily routine.

Insane isn’t it?

To be spending that amount of money a month on coffee – I need to be enjoying the coffee.

I am now on a journey to find my new coffee.

If only there was a C’est La Vie in town.


Nothing Left For Me To Say But Goodbye.

p.s – any coffee suggestions welcome…


8 thoughts on “Goodbye, old friend.

  1. I need to say goodbye to my chocolate croissants and Knead coffees. It’s so hard.

    11am will never be the same again if I do.

    Let me know how fighting off the addiction goes 🙂

  2. Oh wait, I missed the point entirely. You’re just looking to find a new addiction. Ha ha!!

    Shame, poor Vida. They are a bit down on luck, of late.

    I have cappuccinos from Knead almost every day. Love them. Melissa’s on Kloof Street does a great coffee too. Bean There (a coffee producer) also has a good selection.

    But I’m not a connoisseur so can never be too sure.

    1. I’ve been making my own filter coffee in the mornings.
      But, if i do feel the need – im a big fan of Knead’s coffee, and another new discovery is Truth – winner.

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