a winner, in every way.

So, I won these sunglasses online right. And last year I won this Steri-Stumpie hamper online too. And these – are the ONLY things I have EVER won in my entire life.

I dont win things.

I’m not lucky.

But then again, my new theory is, there really is no such thing as luck.

We get what we deserve.

I DESERVE these sunglasses.

I deserved that Steri-Stumpie hamper.

Is it luck, co-incidence?

Or, did I win those two things because of the effort I put in? I think so!

If you see below, I put EFFORT into my entries. I sacrifice my reputation peopleS!

just. as. disturbing.


Thanks to @CapeTown_Girl and Sun Glass Hut for the sunglasses and to Chris Rawlinson for the Ster-Stumpie hamper – slightly delayed that one;)

The result? : A seriously sexy pair of new Ferragamo's. Yes pahlease.

Makes up for all the humiliation, really.



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