This is an excerpt from my daily reading book, I liked it.

One day, my mother and I were working together in the garden. We were transplanting some plants for the third time time. Grown from seed in a small container, the plants had been transferred to a large container; then transplanted into the garden. Now, because I was moving, we were transplanting them again.

Inexperienced as a gardener, I turned to my green-thumbed mother. “Isn’t this bad for them?” I asked, as we dug them up and shook the dirt from their roots. “Won’t it hurt these plants, being uprooted and transplanted so many times?”

“Oh, no,” my mother replied. “Transplanting doesn’t hurt them. In fact, it’s good for the ones that survive. That’s how their roots grow strong. Their roots will grow deep, and they’ll make strong plants.”

Often, I’ve felt like those small plants – uprooted and turned upside down. Sometimes, I’ve endured the change willingly, sometimes reluctantly, but usually my reaction has been a combination.

Won’t this be hard on me? I ask. Wouldn’t it be better if things remained the same? That’s when I remember my mother’s words: That’s how the roots grown deep and strong.

Simple, really.

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it hurts and it doesn’t.

it hurts when i look back. when i remember.

it hurts when i think of crushed dreams.

it hurts when i feel you next to me, in my head.

it hurts when i look back.


it doesn’t hurt when i think of the 90% you were only able to give.

it doesn’t hurt when i run.

it doesn’t hurt when im listening to the music i love, and you never liked.

it doesn’t hurt when i think of how unenthusiastic you were.

it doesn’t hurt when i remember how anxious i was.

it doesn’t hurt when i think of what could be, without you.

but it hurts what i think of what could have been, with you.

it hurts and it doesn’t.


I have been so useless re: blogging etc since my ‘ground-breaking revamp’.  But I can forgive myself because have been through life-crises type event since my return from Germany, so have literally been speechless.  I am not really keen on getting into much detail around life-crises right now as am uncertain myself whether it is crises or not. Is a crises, ever really a crises? Currently feeling like superwoman – when I go through these life-crises thingymagiggy’s I become superwoman. Like, seriously. I also cry a lot, and talk , and write, in a diary, or in a sticky note, not online for ya’ll to see.

Today, to my horror, I suddenly remembered, I have a blog! Now that’s a crises. Need to say something. Don’t I?

Some people say, that if you have nothing to say, then don’t say anything at all.  I say, um ya whatever bru, I can say nothing if I want to.

So here I am saying something – which some of you may interpret as saying nothing. But underneath all this abstract cryptic-ness, is something profound!

Taking most recent life-crises into consideration – how’s THIS for profound?

deal with it.