I have been so useless re: blogging etc since my ‘ground-breaking revamp’.  But I can forgive myself because have been through life-crises type event since my return from Germany, so have literally been speechless.  I am not really keen on getting into much detail around life-crises right now as am uncertain myself whether it is crises or not. Is a crises, ever really a crises? Currently feeling like superwoman – when I go through these life-crises thingymagiggy’s I become superwoman. Like, seriously. I also cry a lot, and talk , and write, in a diary, or in a sticky note, not online for ya’ll to see.

Today, to my horror, I suddenly remembered, I have a blog! Now that’s a crises. Need to say something. Don’t I?

Some people say, that if you have nothing to say, then don’t say anything at all.  I say, um ya whatever bru, I can say nothing if I want to.

So here I am saying something – which some of you may interpret as saying nothing. But underneath all this abstract cryptic-ness, is something profound!

Taking most recent life-crises into consideration – how’s THIS for profound?

deal with it.

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