Flopsy Bunny

You see this calender up on my wall below?

oh Flopsy Bunnies, how i envy thee.

Its a ‘Peter the Rabbit Calender’ I got from my boyfriend’s sister for Christmas, and, according to the calender, this month, “The Flopsy Bunnies simply stuffed lettuces. By degrees one after another, they were overcome with slumber, and lay down in the moon grass.”

You wish you were them right? Like me. Yes. Layin’ on the moon grass.



Running in London.

Leaving home

So London is great so far. Tough at times. But boy, am I living. Just what I wanted. Just what I asked for. I’ve been going on some wonderful runs. Yesterday’s was particularly spectacular. Although, today’s was also very special.

Wandsworth Common is full of dogs and families. Makes me feel very happy and warm inside.

Hello duck.



There is a duck pond nearby, precious and pretty.

Round and round I go.

And Spring is here.

Hello Spring
Final destination: Vide.