skyrockets and flight, afternoon delight.

Bought my tickets.

Aren't they beautiful?

leap of faith.

i’ve been waiting to make this official.

i have been planning it for a long time.

I have been planning greatness for a long time.

Manifesting it.

It’s a story.

When i left school, i wanted to be an actress. i went to drama school. it was a small theatre performance and teaching school in observatory, cape town. i excelled but saw no future for myself.

Then i ended up at red and yellow.

It was fun, but one big party for me.

Suddenly i was in advertising.

How the poopall did that happen?

I worked at a medium sized agency for 18 months and then began my journey at Ogilvy.

At Ogivly I was thrown into PR. Bum in butter kind of situation because client service made feel like the scum of the earth.

Now i had the opportunity to write and utilize some skill.

I didn’t even know what PR was until I arrived.

So I learned a lot. A hell of a lot.  And I achieved a lot. I worked towards becoming great, not average and i therefore achieved great things.

Goodbye Citi was one of those great things.

And so was Percy Bartley House.

And through both of those projects I met some seriously awesome people. The ones you are inspired by and laugh with too much and feel at home with.  These people were Jen and Kate.

Thank goodness for people,  each person I connect with is put there for a reason.

To inspire me.

To push me.

To keep me sane.

To teach me something, or lots of things.

In Percy Bartley House I found another passion and love that had been hidden deep down since I was a little girl washing bergie’s hands outside the front door of the mansion I lived in in Rosebank.

And I woke up.

I was too comfortable.

especially at my age.













Need more adventure. CRAVE adventure.

Not once in my journey did I ever think I would have to travel to grow more but I have now reached that platueau and thats what I am going to do. I also thought I would never be brave enough, but now I am.

I want to go.

I need to go.

Im going.

For some people  this is easy. For me, quite challenging. Leaving comfort and security behind. The voice in my head judging my every move, decision. Its called fear.

But I choose to walk in faith, not fear.

Today I hand in my visa papers to the UK consulate and wait.

I hope to get work at Ogilvy in London although I am very keen to live and work in Europe.

I also want to go to visit my pregnant friend in Norway and my love in Germany.

I want to visit old friends in Scotland – where I lived for two years when i was ten.

I write this post as a message to the universe.

A manifestation of my desires.

I trust all will work out as it should.

I’m off in January.

Two months to go.

Tick tock.