Many Ogilvy Hands: 2012

In March 2012, I traveled to Uganda with other volunteers from Ogilvy London to help build and teach in a rural community, Buikwe.

Each of us had to raise over £1, 200 which funded our trip and went towards the cause.

A few years ago, Ogilvy teamed up with International Needs on a project whereby the agency would send volunteers to the village 3 times a year to help build a secondary school. The village at that time only had a primary school where education for the children stopped at 14. The secondary school, which is now almost complete, brings education, and therefore, freedom to many young talented people in the community. Whilst there, we are introduced to the sponsorship program which exists to aid those who have no funds to attend the school being built. In all honesty, this is most families.


By donating £20 a month, a child at the junior school is able to move on to the secondary school and further their education.
It is also worth mentioning you will never come across a more enthusiastic group of kids, desperate to learn and willing to walk up to 3km a day to get to and from school.

I sponsor a 7 year old boy named Brian who now has a chance to fulfill his dream. In reality, without an education in this part of Uganda, a girl will most likely get pregnant, with no money to support a family, never mind herself. £20 is what I would spend on a shop at Tesco’s for a night’s dinner and perhaps some chocolate and a magazine. Perspective much?

I feel so honoured to have been given this opportunity and would encourage anyone and everyone to explore what you can do to help your community, a community, if everyone did, I’m sure life would be better for more people, including yourself.

I filmed this with an iphone and my a+ boyfriend, partner, companion, helped me edit this to a point where it could be enjoyable despite my shaky hand…

Hope you enjoy, and please visit if you’d like to know more or get involved in some way.



new work home.

I start work tomorrow at Ogilvy Public Relations London as a Digital PR Account Manager.


Excited does not do the feeling justice.

Out of comfort, into the unknown.

South West Train. My favourite.

So its day five here for me in London. I have travelled on tubes, trains and buses. I have shopped. I have drunk lots of tea. I have eaten many a dark kit kat. I have cried, a little. I have laughed, a lot. I have opened a bank account. I have been for an interview.

And its only been, f-i-v-e-d-a-y-s.


Today I had a thought, that I am happy I am here. That being here has made me realise how stuck I felt in Cape Town. I feel like I am living. Fear, sadness, excitement, uncertainty, makes up part of that living. Feeling is living. Moving is living. I’m moving.

In the words of Damien Hirst – an artists’ work I gawked at in the Tate Britain on Sunday:

“There are four important things in life: religion, love, art and science. At their best, they’re all just tools to help you find a path through the darkness. None of them really work that well, but they help”

They help.

I feel like ‘writing’ should be one of Damian’s ‘important life things’. I hereby add that one in.

Missing my man but he awaits me in Germany where I go to visit him on Friday. So very excited for that. Only an hour away. Such is London.

Let’s see what happens.

And I will, of course, keep writing.


Ogilvy London reception.
Canary Wharf: Ogilvy London

leap of faith.

i’ve been waiting to make this official.

i have been planning it for a long time.

I have been planning greatness for a long time.

Manifesting it.

It’s a story.

When i left school, i wanted to be an actress. i went to drama school. it was a small theatre performance and teaching school in observatory, cape town. i excelled but saw no future for myself.

Then i ended up at red and yellow.

It was fun, but one big party for me.

Suddenly i was in advertising.

How the poopall did that happen?

I worked at a medium sized agency for 18 months and then began my journey at Ogilvy.

At Ogivly I was thrown into PR. Bum in butter kind of situation because client service made feel like the scum of the earth.

Now i had the opportunity to write and utilize some skill.

I didn’t even know what PR was until I arrived.

So I learned a lot. A hell of a lot.  And I achieved a lot. I worked towards becoming great, not average and i therefore achieved great things.

Goodbye Citi was one of those great things.

And so was Percy Bartley House.

And through both of those projects I met some seriously awesome people. The ones you are inspired by and laugh with too much and feel at home with.  These people were Jen and Kate.

Thank goodness for people,  each person I connect with is put there for a reason.

To inspire me.

To push me.

To keep me sane.

To teach me something, or lots of things.

In Percy Bartley House I found another passion and love that had been hidden deep down since I was a little girl washing bergie’s hands outside the front door of the mansion I lived in in Rosebank.

And I woke up.

I was too comfortable.

especially at my age.













Need more adventure. CRAVE adventure.

Not once in my journey did I ever think I would have to travel to grow more but I have now reached that platueau and thats what I am going to do. I also thought I would never be brave enough, but now I am.

I want to go.

I need to go.

Im going.

For some people  this is easy. For me, quite challenging. Leaving comfort and security behind. The voice in my head judging my every move, decision. Its called fear.

But I choose to walk in faith, not fear.

Today I hand in my visa papers to the UK consulate and wait.

I hope to get work at Ogilvy in London although I am very keen to live and work in Europe.

I also want to go to visit my pregnant friend in Norway and my love in Germany.

I want to visit old friends in Scotland – where I lived for two years when i was ten.

I write this post as a message to the universe.

A manifestation of my desires.

I trust all will work out as it should.

I’m off in January.

Two months to go.

Tick tock.

Percy Bartley House Creative Rejuvenation

My ❤ and soul lie in this home.

It’s this feeling  i get when i walk inside, so tranquil – a place where change happens. Which I connect to deeply because of my dedication to change in my own life.

Where I work – we raise money for this home. Its called Percy Bartley House and its a home for boys that operates out of an old house in Woodtsock. They accommodate 20 boys between the ages of 15yrs and 18yrs of age many of whom have found themselves on the street or involved in petty crime or drugs in order to survive. The boys are referred to the home by the children’s court. While at PBH, they are enrolled in school or skills training programmes and are taught life skills before being reunited with their families.

Percy Bartley House is not just a home for the boys, it has become a second chance in life, where change happens.

The house is run by Farlane and Webster – they are from Zambia, and I cant say I have met two more amazing people in my life. The fact that there are people in this world that dedicate their lives to doing good like this, really engulfs my heart with happiness and gratitude.

Are all of you aware that street kids – the ones that ask us for money at the robots and on Long Street – are making up to R1000 a day? 98% of the time that money goes towards drugs. They don’t want to go to shelters because, as the public, we are enabling the problem.

They tie into our guilt and we give them R5 bucks.

Don’t do it. I’m telling you now.

Farlane’s main objective with a home like PBH is to change their attitudes – so that they don’t want to go back onto the streets. They start to want to live a new life –  make an honest living, go to school, be normal, and gain some kind of self-respect and integrity.

There are two issues here

1. we are giving irresponsibly

2. homes like Percy Bartley House need funding.

I am blessed enough to work at a company that is willing help. I am blessed enough to have an MD who believes in this cause and is letting me run with it. Apparently we liberate people here – I feel liberated – thank you.

Over the years the home has become run down and has lost its sense of life and colour. We/I/Ogilvy have decided to collaborate with Write on Africa – a not for profit initiative also based in Woodstock, that mobilizes creativity in Africa for inspiration, social change and urban rejuvenation. Together with Ricky-Lee Gordon (who runs the project) we will be restoring life and colour into the home with wall murals done by well-known local artists, illustrators and creative activists.

So, if you want to help out in any way – get involved, give money, paint, get messy, get creative, change lives, change your own life, contact me.

And come see this movie: its R 50 and all  proceeds go towards the renovation.

23 September 2010, 20h00

Email me: – tickets are going fast.

More info on the film here:!/event.php?eid=151281731555708&ref=mf

Destiny.Inner-child stuff.

Something I have re-discovered over the past few months is my love for music.

Not sure what happened, but it seemed to have gotten lost. Somewhere. So bizarre, because I’m not entirely sure how I lived without it for so long? I was listening to music, I guess, but just not feeling it.

I feel it now. Something inside me wakes up and breathes.

Most recently I have been feeding my ears with The Temper Trap and Florence and the Machine, as well as a little Madcon for the Hip-Hopper in me. Lily Allen and India Arie for the ‘single lady’  in me.

Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be on stage. I wanted to sing, and dance and perform. God, it sounds so cliche’d I may even vom, but it is indeed very true. I did drama as a subject at my very prifaaaat all girls school and my love of acting grew. Drama college after school was supposed to lead me to bigger and better worlds of acting and performing but somehow I ended up at ‘The Red and Green  School for other people who had just finished ‘degrees’ and had no fucking idea what to do with their lives”.

my inner child. hurt and and neglected.

The Purple and Blue School GUARANTEED jobs. And – their guarantee was flawless.

“But I don’t WANT to be in advertising,” said my inner-child jumping up and down.

Didn’t listen.

Never did.

But something has happened. da daaaaam. The inner child voice has become LOUDER. and I’m listening, not only to the “You’re not following your dream/passion” mantra.

But other mantra’s like:

“You’re not REALLY happy, it’s all an illusion your fear has created”

“You dont have to own or be anything to be worth something”

“Your physical body is directly linked to your emotional and spiritual state”

“Other peoples opinions of you are none of your business anyway”

“You cannot drink alcohol or do drugs: you are allergic”

“Why smoke, when you can live?”

“You don’t have to turn out like your parents – you have a choice”

“Running is life”

And many other life altering new scripts I have going on in my little obsessed brain.

(Please note this does not mean I listen to them all the time – in an ideal world I would, but this is NOT an ideal world. I have horrible scripts too that I try really hard to take no notice of but at times I cant help it.)

I am happy here.

I am not resentful for going to advertising school – I have nothing against the Mauve and Silver School.

I just know I don’t belong here.

And that’s ok, I guess?

Something to think about….

Or obsess about.

I get to decide … And isn’t that just marvelous!??! No-one is in control of my life and my choices, other than ME.