Many Ogilvy Hands: 2012

In March 2012, I traveled to Uganda with other volunteers from Ogilvy London to help build and teach in a rural community, Buikwe.

Each of us had to raise over £1, 200 which funded our trip and went towards the cause.

A few years ago, Ogilvy teamed up with International Needs on a project whereby the agency would send volunteers to the village 3 times a year to help build a secondary school. The village at that time only had a primary school where education for the children stopped at 14. The secondary school, which is now almost complete, brings education, and therefore, freedom to many young talented people in the community. Whilst there, we are introduced to the sponsorship program which exists to aid those who have no funds to attend the school being built. In all honesty, this is most families.


By donating £20 a month, a child at the junior school is able to move on to the secondary school and further their education.
It is also worth mentioning you will never come across a more enthusiastic group of kids, desperate to learn and willing to walk up to 3km a day to get to and from school.

I sponsor a 7 year old boy named Brian who now has a chance to fulfill his dream. In reality, without an education in this part of Uganda, a girl will most likely get pregnant, with no money to support a family, never mind herself. £20 is what I would spend on a shop at Tesco’s for a night’s dinner and perhaps some chocolate and a magazine. Perspective much?

I feel so honoured to have been given this opportunity and would encourage anyone and everyone to explore what you can do to help your community, a community, if everyone did, I’m sure life would be better for more people, including yourself.

I filmed this with an iphone and my a+ boyfriend, partner, companion, helped me edit this to a point where it could be enjoyable despite my shaky hand…

Hope you enjoy, and please visit if you’d like to know more or get involved in some way.