Fitness Rave.

Thought it would be appropriate to post about the half-marathon I did on the weekend.

Nike Run To The Beat was its name and 13.2 miles was its game.

For those of you who know me, you’ll understand my love of running. For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you will also know. And I’m sure some of you (who are probably not reading this) no longer follow me because of my love of running. The tweets that piss people off who don’t do any exercise. Guilt is a bitch.

I registered for this race last year when I heard about the music aspect. Run to the Beat has several stages along the route where musicians and DJ’s play pumping tunes to keep you motivated.

I enjoy running with music. So I had my ear phones plugged in for the race but took them off every time I saw the sign ‘TAKE EAR PHONES OUT NOW – TUNES COMING UP!’ – very useful. So I got to enjoy both my own music and the DJ’s along the way.

I must say the route was pretty miserable. I mean, who wants to run around London to see the sights when you’ve done the Two Oceans?! My expectations were low, so I wasn’t disappointed.

I managed to beat my Two Oceans time by 20 minutes which I was genuinely stoked about. I really appreciate what running does for me physically and mentally. I was so aware of the conversations I was having with my legs during the race and the impact of negative and positive thoughts on my energy levels. It was a really rewarding experience – especially because I trained against a time I wanted to beat. I achieved a goal. It was very painful for a  day or two, but now I’m just floating on the post race cloud. And I cant wait to get out there again.

I’ll be going home to Cape Town in March and realised I am there for the Two Oceans. Better get my entry in.

I got to relive by Run to the Beat race via the website which is totally epic