capetonian living in london

these are my scribbles. i have no strategy or plan or solid theme. i am inconsistent and only write when:

  • I have time
  • I am feeling inspired
  • I have a need to express to gain perspective

i absolutely love running – i could not live without it. fact.  like oxygen.

i also love doing anything outdoors, writing, singing, eating peanut butter with a spoon and good coffee

I take 8 minutes to get ready in the morning.

i tell the truth.

i believe I am capable of anything, as long as I believe and put my mind to it. If i complain about anything on this blog – it is always in my control to change whatever is bothering me. Always.

99% of the photography/imagery on here is my own, if its not, I try to source – if i forget and you are offended,  tell me.

all views expressed here are my own and not of the company i work for, although i dont mention them. they are mostly awesome and i am not stupid enough to  say something ludicrously inappropriate. hopefully.

ok bye.


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