Oslo magic



Oh if I could describe it in words I could. Pictures dont even do it justice. And it wasn’t only the city, but the people i was with. The energy. The warmth, the vibe. My oldest friend Nosizwe. The only friend who truly liberates me, reaches inside my soul and reveals my truth. That explosive Amy who believed in everything, in herself, in the world, who slowly over time became corrupted by society and all the disappointments and expectations. Who lost faith. Its always been there. And I’m slowly finding it again.

Singing in the streets, taking over the dance floors. Nosizwe attracts love and vibrancy. Together we create magic.  And now she has given the world a gift of a child. A warrior, Aaella.



I feel so calm, free.

Cautiously happy. But not cautious. Wondering, should I be cautious?

Communitcaing with love on an entirely new level. The love I have inside for me, and for others.

I have love scattered all over Germany, London, and now Norway. I need to see more, meet more, feel more. There is so much. This is what it is all about people. This is why I came here. Not to live some structured planned-out life thats fits into a box. Not to control my destiny, but rather to live it. Let it be. Let it unfold organically. I choose to not live the life my conditioning tells me I ‘should’ live. Screw the ‘shoulds’

This post takes emo to an entirely new level. But i dont care! Your opinion of me is none of my business anyway.


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