Epiphany vibes.

Recent life happenings have spurred on some great eiphany’s folks! These are the joys of change and suffering. They bring about these rays of shiny bright perspective.

My most recent one has been, that although when we part ways with some people in our lives, through death, or love, or circumstance, we dont ever really lose that person. As we never owned them in the first place. We never owned them. This. Was. Huge. For me.

I dont own anyone. Well of course I dont! Heavens above Amy. But really, the loss I feel is just a consequence of reality. All people that have had a great impact on my life, exist in my heart and in my soul.  They are never lost.

Kinda defeats that song by The Temper Trap, right?

‘Our love was lost, and now we’ve found iiiit’ – it was never lost you fool!

pic. deviantart.  http://bit.ly/qVhJPs

NOT lost her. NOT

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