Saying yes has its rewards.

Im saying yes more.

It’s really the only way I get to meet people.

I said yes to two very lovely events this weekend.

The first was celebration of Coca Cola’s 125th birthday at London’s Design Museum.

My colleague and new favourite friend, Alex, took me to the Coke event after work on Friday to meet another potential favourite friend, Nick, who runs Check it out.

We browsed and talked and Alex bought me a ‘weird and wonderful guide to London’ from the Design Museum bookshop.

Saturday I went to my sister-in-law’s birthday picnic. Which really wasn’t hard to say yes to, but, gosh, we hung out in the sun on the grass from 2 – 9PM. REBELLLLS.

Twas beautiful. So so beautiful.

the coca cola bottle throughout the years.

Guests were given paint etc to create their own bottle art.
calligraphy vibes.

Wandsworth Common
birthday girl with M&S caterpillar chocolate cake

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