Found:Real Vida served by Real Saffa Barista.

finally found an authentic Vida store in London. The one in Regent Street moved; the Oxford Street store is no longer there, so made a mission to Goodge street, near Tottenham Court Road, on Sunday and there she was. I almost cried (leave the most beautiful country you call home, South Africa, and you will also cry when you see a Vida)

I made love to the sign.

I had a double mucho cappuccino.

It was delightful.


5 thoughts on “Found:Real Vida served by Real Saffa Barista.

    1. Um, YES. I went off it back home. But I think that’s because I killed it. Having a skinny cap with no sprinkles for two years every morning can have that effect. It was good coffee, and I’m a coffee snob 🙂

  1. I hear you, “make shift coffee critic and enthusiast” is my definition :). Strange that Oxford street vida closed down? Although I guess the competition is much more fierce over seas..

  2. It is. It used to be in the Selfridges in Oxford Street. But, no longer. Another one has just opened in Golden Square near Soho. That’s next weekend’s mission 🙂

  3. Really great, today i met a saffa who was printing and designing his wedding invitations for a uk wedding!! He made me so homesick!

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