Green Wednesdays – Serious Issues. Nice Films.

A lovely colleague of mine, Kathleen who runs Ogilvy’s sustainability practice, Ogilvy Earth sent out an email a couple of weeks back about an iniative called Green Wednesdays ( run by a ‘green’ production company called Nice and Serious. (

Brunswick House Cafe - Vauxhall.

Nice and Serious specialise in making films about environmental issues and sustainability. It all sounded very appealing to me, as one must always try and do good, as much as one can.

The event was a complimentary screening of Food Inc – described as  “An unflattering look inside America’s corporate controlled food industry” on IMdb. Boy, they could  not have been any more accurate. It was  nominated for an Academy Award but lost to the Cove, which I have watched and which takes ‘deeply disturbing’ to an all new level. 

The difference for me between the Cove and Food Inc is that, with the dolphin slaughtering – as one individual, Amy Mabin, I didn’t feel like there was much I could do that would make any difference  –  in fact, it left me with feelings of hopelessness and hatred.

Whereas with Food Inc – which by the way, does not manipulate you into feeling guilty for being a carnivore – is only really telling us to make healthier and more responsible food choices. I Amy Mabin, can do that. Be conscious of the animals, the people and the environment that could have been affected by the production of that piece of ham.

I threw my ham away this morning.

So, I wont go into details of the film, but do yourselves a favour and get it out on dvd. Make sure you don’t settle into a fat piece of factory farmed chicken filled with antibiotics while you’re watching. I’m certain you wont feel too lovely about eating it.

I think what also really struck a cord with me during the films is how all evil in this world is driven by the desire for power and money. And, this sounds like a rather ‘well, no shit’ kind of statement but I forget, often, how sick this world can be. I prefer to live in denial – because it makes my life feel more safe and comfortable.

Humans manipulate what is real and natural into processed goods that are easier, quicker and cheaper  to consume making us lazier, fatter, and more sick and stupid by the day.

Awareness is my responsibility. I in fact, pride myself in being an emotionally and intellectually aware soul of this world. But when it comes to food – I can at times choose to be ignorant because the truth can be too much to bare. Like it was last night.

Now this does not mean I am becoming vegetarian. I’ll see how I go. But what I will do, is make better choices. Check my labels and buy organic as much as possible. The more of us that buy organic, the  higher the demand will be and hopefully the more affordable it will become. At the moment its cheaper to buy a burger that it is to by a head of broccoli. Now that’s scary.


2 thoughts on “Green Wednesdays – Serious Issues. Nice Films.

  1. Very scary!! Although uk grocery shopping seems better than SA pick n pay woolies shopping! Oops I seem to be catching up on blog reading and i might be spamming you with all my comments 😉 After watching way too many animal foodie documentaries, I have recently turned from vegetarian to vegan, which was suprising even to me.

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