Out of comfort, into the unknown.

South West Train. My favourite.

So its day five here for me in London. I have travelled on tubes, trains and buses. I have shopped. I have drunk lots of tea. I have eaten many a dark kit kat. I have cried, a little. I have laughed, a lot. I have opened a bank account. I have been for an interview.

And its only been, f-i-v-e-d-a-y-s.


Today I had a thought, that I am happy I am here. That being here has made me realise how stuck I felt in Cape Town. I feel like I am living. Fear, sadness, excitement, uncertainty, makes up part of that living. Feeling is living. Moving is living. I’m moving.

In the words of Damien Hirst – an artists’ work I gawked at in the Tate Britain on Sunday:

“There are four important things in life: religion, love, art and science. At their best, they’re all just tools to help you find a path through the darkness. None of them really work that well, but they help”

They help.

I feel like ‘writing’ should be one of Damian’s ‘important life things’. I hereby add that one in.

Missing my man but he awaits me in Germany where I go to visit him on Friday. So very excited for that. Only an hour away. Such is London.

Let’s see what happens.

And I will, of course, keep writing.


Ogilvy London reception.
Canary Wharf: Ogilvy London

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