Marsh property browsing next to some 15 year olds.

I arrived in London yesterday after leaving my friends and family at home in Cape Town. I walked into my brothers house in Earsfield at about 11am and it hit me, I wont have a home for a while.

I’m staying on his sleeper couch in his TV room. Its cozy, but reality hit me when i got here and boy did I have to hold back those tears.

I flew Virgin Airlines – woah, it really is better than any other airline I’ve ever flown. I also had a quietly humorous woman next to me whom I shared a  few words and chuckles with. The food was great and I managed to watch 127 hours up until the most poignant moment in the movie where I fell asleep. I fell asleep? Can we just have a moment for that? Fantastic moment. Only a few hours, but great nonetheless.

I spent yesterday in Wimbledon with my brother. We browsed and talked shit. I bought some stuff. Nothing worth mentioning here. Brittish plugs – riveting. Saw so many shoes. So many. Tried on all of them. Bought none of them. I need girlfriends.

I felt stronger as the day progressed. We went to watch Black Swan last night in Wandsworth. It was a cold walk to the bus stop. The movie was unbelievably disturbing but Natalie Portman’s performance was one to remember. Outstanding. I must mention here that they have no extra salt to put on your popcorn at Brittish cinema’s… SIN! So much to get used to. But hey, better for my heart.

So it’s Sunday February 6th and I just woke up and thought, well, i may as well blog about day one so i can remember it always. Since yesterday I have learned:

  • Not to look back. Not even forward. Must stay in today as much as possible, the two other options are devastating and scary, respectively.
  • Never to go to airport with mom and sister as will cry for hours after.
  • Its ok not to have a home for a while.
  • Its going to take a while to adjust.
  • My brother is awesome and makes me laugh. (i relearn this every time i see him)
  • Ya’all weren’t joking about the cold weather.
  • I need to be here.




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