moving into 2011.

December was a rough month for me, strange considering the fact that my long-distance boyfriend returned from Germany for the month to visit me. But alas, romantic reunions cannot counteract the movements of the planets in our solar system. I read my horoscope for December 2010 on ( i dont usually beliefe this shit, but seriously, do yourself a favour and go to this site. very accurate) anyway, and she warned me about December because Mercury would be in retrograde all month.

I didn’t believe her.  Seriously lady, don’t tell me Im going to have a shitty December when my brother is getting married, i am on holiday for a month and my boyfriend is coming to visit bringing his big cuddly body along with him, amongst other things. And Christmas – i suppose stopped being awesome when I got a job and had to start using my own money to buy presents.

Mercury aside, i survived, and there were obviously some very awesome moments.

Highlights being:

-Fetching my love from the airport.

-Days in rooiels with him swimming in the sea, lying in the sun, walking, reading, sleeping, trapping spiders, braai-ing and watching dexter, entourage and modern family when it was too windy to go outside.

-My brothers wedding.


-Sleeping in.

-Forest running.

-Lunch at Pomegranate in Stellenbosch with the geese. Amazing – highly recommended, best piece of Norwegian Salmon I have ever consumed, ever.

-Reunions with old friends who are scattered all over the world (which will soon be me! – yay 🙂 )

-Visits to the cinema to watch Megamind and Little Fockers.

Low-lights were:


-Having to shop in Cavendish for Christmas presents – i will never do that again.

-Driving over 3000km’s to visit family and go to weddings. ie: a little too busy for my liking.

-Being man-down with tummy bug last three days of holiday in 38 degree heat.

-38 degree heat.

But all and all I think I managed to slap that retrograding mercury out of my orbit. Most of the time 😉

Happy new year folks.


Some images from the closing of my 2010.

mother and I dressed and ready for brother's wedding.























Marsh and Jo's wedding.























hottest couple there for sure. other than the bride and groom of course..























Friends lunch at Pomegranate.















Christmas gift from my love.























my bestest and I.













love. cousin. brother.


















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