partial insomniac

I’ve been having trouble sleeping this week. It happens in weekly cycles. Last week I was sleeping beautifully. This week I am a walking zombie.

When Im tired I am:




over emotional


My anxieties manifest in my sleeping patterns. Consciously I know whats bothering me – but these worries come out at night as I cant afford to be worrying all day. The problem here is, whether I’m worrying or a walking zombie – I just cant function. So perhaps I need to be addressing these worries more – consciously.

There is a lot going on – big decisions to make, I have a sickly mother who keeps breaking limps and replacing limbs.  I have other ‘big stuff’ going on that is just too personal to share on here.

One thing I can share is that I have never felt this connected to my truth as I do now. I am no longer running on fear – but on trust.

That is a beautiful beautiful thing. You should try it.

Its called letting go of control.



I can only tackle today, today.

I will drink lots of water. Eat good food. And run up Lions Head after work.

Then, all will be well.



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