serenity, the absence of mental stress or anxiety

It’s been so long.

I never though I would hear myself say this, or see myself write this, but i am currently free from anxiety.


feels like I am being carried.


such clarity.


moved into my flat last week and have had the most incredible time re-connecting with self. its sounds so new-age and annoying but i don’t care. its my reality.

i think my first post on this blog was about change – at that time i was feeling afraid, but willing to embrace it. now i am over the hill. the fear has gone and now i am in the middle of it.

second week back at work, and wait for it, i am feeling m-o-t-i-v-a-t-e-d. i mean, REALLY. that’s a freaking miracle.

running has never felt better.

even if its in town amidst the bergies and the urine and no longer in green, lush newlands.

my spirit is alive.



and instead of worrying about when its going to end, i shall enjoy it for what it is, now.


me: a warrior of light


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