did someone say obsessed?

so, back into my wormy brain i have gone. the past few days since being back at work its like my mind has just switched itself back on. to TORTURE me.

I do recall mentioning before going on leave how i was taking a holiday from my brain. well, my real holiday, and my brain holiday are now both certainly over.

Perhaps i can continue to take leave from my brain. just not sure how. perhaps it was a state of mind. being outdoors. cycling. running. soaking up sun. relaxing. maybe relaxation was a distraction from worry?

ah well, today my worries include:

  • my brother leaving to go back to london = sore heart.
  • best friend leaving again in a month = sore heart.
  • work that i cannot do due to distracted and obsessed brain.
  • the huge elephant in the building that is my ex.


another big sigh.

and then i remind myself that there are a lot of people worse off than me. and that in fact i am quite lucky and have fantastic life with so many incredible things, people and qualities to be grateful for ?

and then, the worry returns.

nothing lasts forever.

and that includes happiness, sadness, worry and the elephant.


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