20 ZEN

i was concerned about my new years eve plans. i had none right up until 11am that morning. i was contemplating a variety of options: stay at home with operated mom; long street party with bff; rooi els with father and stepmother and half sister or cocktail evening with sister katie. Turns out the universe had this AMAZING plan for me to spend it with amy (my soul sister), the setting sun, the rising full moon and a naked headstander on lions head.

What an unbelievably inspiring way to end 2009.

we howled at the moon.

we chanted.

we took photos of  our naked team-member doing headstands on a cliff.

we ate melon and biltong and ostrich burgers.

we talked shit.

we talked sense.

we laughed, a lot.

i climbed the chains, up AND down. impressive shit i tell you.

I feel so emotional just writing this post remebering the whole evening. it feels so surreal. I will treasure it forever.

Here’s to 20 ZEN.


p.s the last time i attempted lions head it was a 40 degree day, i hadn’t eaten breakfast and almost puked 5 minutes from the top. i never made it. i waited for my boyfriend at the time, to go to the top while i contemplated vommiting and requesting removal by helicopter before descending to the bottom feeling very sorry for myself.

yay for making it this time.  

oh and please find herewith naked -headstander.


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