life on life’s terms

so my holiday started on a rather bleak note.

mom came out of hospital on saturday and during my day of nursing and running around i broke my toe. the pain was awful but more than that the immobility has been indescribably frustrating. i haven’t been able to run. running, my only source of sanity in this madness. christmas is already so stressful in my family – and now on top of that there’s a break up to get through and get over (in a non self-destructive manner); moving into my new home; nursing of operated mother and my broken toe. whats the catch God? What am i not getting here? Is there not another way for you to teach me this ‘lesson’ – because thats all this could possibly be – is a ‘lesson’. not co-incidence.

Was so looking forward to fetching my brother from the airport today to help relieve some pressure and really, just have something to smile about. but no, of course his plane has been delayed by 8 hours.

Fetching him at 10 tonight.

I had a meltdown this morning. just what i needed. a good cry.

better now, so will stop complaining.

at least i sang some carols last night. brought back fond memories of rustenburg junior school.
life was easy and simple then – no responsibilities. buggar.

writing keeps me going.

my best friend jayne, also keeps me going.

And what i can say i have definitely  learnt so far is that i have a problem with relaxing. i cannot do nothing. The universe broke my toe, to teach me how to do nothing.

ok enough now. I get the message.


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