Brothers and Sisters was disappointing my friends! average.  i must say though – i’m very happy that justin and rebecca have broken up. no romance please. not yet.

speaking of romance – went to watch ‘couples retreat’ with my sister earlier this week. didn’t look romantic. bunch of unhappy couples go to an island to try and ‘save their marriage’ ? pffftf. like, WHATEVER. we all know, couples therapy doesn’t work.

but ALAS, they ALL stayed together and lived happily ever after. i said, no romance please.

But what did i expect, i mean REALLY. a Hollywood flick like that, was not going to end in sadness. It was funny, but totally retarded and brainless. great for escapism.

I decided yesterday that from today(thats me, always thinking of tomorrow!) i will be taking a holiday from my brain. i will stop trying to be perfect and happy. and just be.  no analysing. no obsessing. no planning. i will let go of the ‘planner’ in me and surrender to the universe.


p.s im going out tonight.


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